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Sash window restoration is what we do best!
At Sash Windows Northwest we carry out a wide range of window services. These include sash window restoration, timber window repair, glazing and secondary glazing, sash window draught proofing, and much, much more! Using our expert knowledge we can return your sash windows and casement windows back to full working condition without taking away any beauty or tradition from the building. We use our advanced techniques to improve the window's insulation, draught-proofing and condensation control. We can also provide double glazed sash windows to help increase the durability, energy efficiency, and noise pollution of your sash windows without compromising the look or feel of your windows. The Sash Windows Northwest team can help with any sash window restoration project!

There is no need to compromise on the look of your home by replacing your sash windows with expensive alternatives. We at Sash Windows North West can simply carry out our sash window restoration process to fully refurbish your sash windows and timber windows to their former glory with the latest developments in brush systems. The techniques we use help to cut down on outside noise, as well as acting as a barrier to any heat escaping. This allows you to reduce energy usage and cut household bills: our double glazed sash window process is foolproof. Whether you need replacement staffs and beads, or bespoke double glazing units to fit your existing sash and casement windows, we can offer a wide range of solutions that enable you to not only keep your original windows, but also bring them up to date with effective insulation and security!


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Explore our website to see more of our sash window restoration, we have draught proofing and double-glazing options across all types of timber windows. If you are located in the North West region, including Preston, Lancashire, Southport, Lytham St Annes, Cumbria, Yorkshire, Liverpool & other areas of Merseyside, feel free to call today on 01772 619787. We will be more than happy to provide more information about sash window renovation and repair. If you would prefer to request a personalised survey of your home, we can also visit you!

If you are located outside of the areas specified please contact us and we can arrange a visit. We can travel to Manchester, Cheshire and even some areas of Yorkshire!


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Family-run Business with an all-female Survey Team

We are proud of our family run business status and are thrilled to be able to offer a friendly, family-like service to all of our customers. Sash Windows Northwest are also pleased to announce that we now have a fantastic, all-female surveying team working for the business.

If you would like our wonderful surveyors to come and take a look at your Sash Windows for FREE then please contact us here or call 01772 619787.

Sash Windows North West, Female Surveyors from Sash Windows Northwest

Secondary Glazing Services from Sash Windows Northwest

Secondary glazing and other forms of window glazing are the perfect solution for those looking to improve the amount of noise pollution from external sources and decrease their energy bill. Our secondary glazing offers a discreet way of dealing with the issue, without compromising on the look and feel of the Sash Windows. This option can be installed in both domestic and commercial buildings, as well as listed properties.

The method of installation of the secondary glazing can vary depending on the depth of the primary window reveal. To achieve a higher acoustic performance from the secondary glazed sashes there should be a minimum gap of 100mm between the primary window glazing and the secondary glazing. Double glazed sash windows are a great way to restore your windows, and adding the secondary glazing is a great addition to any sash window renovation project.

For more information regarding secondary glazing, double glazed sash windows or any of our other forms of window glazing options please click the button below. If you have any questions please contact us and we'd be happy to help. Location is not a problem, if you are based in any area in the North West, including Preston, Lancashire, Southport, Lytham St Annes, as well as Cumbria, Yorkshire and even Liverpool & other areas of Merseyside, then we would be happy to help.


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If you have a sash window or casement/timber window that needs a restoration, renovation or repair, or a project that needs starting, contact us today for a free survey or quote. Our team would be more than happy to help with your query.