Glazing & Secondary Glazing North West

Sash Window Glazing Services in the North West

Glazing and secondary glazing are just some of the work we carry out here at Sash Windows Northwest. Our glazing and secondary glazing works in a variety of types of glass as required by the customer, or by Building Regulations, for your Sash or Casement windows. For instance, we can replace damaged single glazing with reclaimed glass of a similar type or use 4mm float glass.

Frosted Glass

We can also provide frosted glass from a variety of suppliers to try and match the clients' existing pattern and we can provide laminated or toughened glass to windows where requested or required.

New Sash Windows

We can supply new sashes to match the original window profiles exactly, with double glazed units fitted in them. These can then be toughened, leaded or patterned as required to match your preferences. For more information please feel free to contact us by clicking through the button below.

Double Glazed Sash Windows, Glazing and Secondary Glazing North West, Sash Windows Northwest

Secondary Glazing North West

Secondary glazing is the perfect option if you want to preserve the charm, style and integrity of your original sash windows and gain all the benefits of double glazing when you install it.

Our secondary glazing is supplied fully assembled and comprises of an aluminium outer frame jointed to a seasoned hardwood surround. These will help to reduce heat loss and noise ingress to single glazed windows of all shapes and sizes.

Double Glazed Sash Windows, Glazing and Secondary Glazing North West, Sash Windows Northwest

Our Window Frames:

Our secondary glazing comprises of an aluminium outer frame joined to a seasoned hardwood surround which allows for a neat, unobtrusive installation even in the most difficult situations. The system offers a high level of security with easy access to the primary glazing.

Our secondary glazing is suitable for all types of premises including Grade I and Grade II listed buildings, schools, colleges, hospitals, universities, hotels and commercial buildings.

Different Glazing Styles Available

We have a comprehensive range of glazing and secondary glazing styles to suit just about every application. This includes Horizontal Sliders, Hinged Units, Vertical Sliders as well as Balanced Vertical Sliders and Tilt-In Balanced Vertical Sliders. We can supply frames in White, Sliver or Brown as standard. We can also provide a wide range of glass types, such as clear, patterned, toughened, laminated and acoustic.

Secondary glazing can be an extremely effective barrier to intrusive noise and a great solution to draughty, cold spots on existing windows. Not only that, secondary glazing can provide additional security to single glazed windows and lets less heat escape.

Secondary Glazing Options

We can offer a range of designs and styles that can be manufactured for use in all properties. This includes Grade I and II listed buildings, and within conservation areas which incorporate your secondary glazing needs.

It is easy to fit, is cost effective and is very popular in conservation areas where the existing external windows cannot be changed. It is ideal near busy roads, airports, train lines or where your existing windows are draughty. Even if you have double glazing already, you may still find a useful improvement by fitting secondary glazing. It is incredibly versatile making it easy to match your existing windows so that your secondary glazing blends in unobtrusively with your chosen style of living.

We carry out glazing and secondary glazing throughout the North West, including Lancashire, Cumbria, Manchester, Merseyside and even some areas of Yorkshire.

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Glazing & Secondary Glazing North West, Sash Window Renovation Lancashire