Sash Window Restoration Liverpool, Sash Window Restoration Grade II Listed Building, Liverpool, Merseyside

Sash Window Restoration Liverpool, Merseyside

Sash window restoration was needed on this Grade II listed building and domestic property on Rodney Street, Liverpool.

Sash window restoration is the best way to maintain the look and feel of the original sash windows, without compromising on their durability or use. The sash windows can become damaged over time, but many people would be surprised at some of the windows we can restore back to their original condition. This is by far the cheapest option where you end up with a fully functional window.

Sash Windows Northwest are using their specialist expertise to renovate and draught-proof the existing sash windows and can come to Liverpool, or any other location in Merseyside.

Sash Window Restoration Liverpool, Merseyside, Sash Window Restoration Liverpool Sash Window Restoration Liverpool, Merseyside 

In areas like Liverpool, where there are a lot of older domestic and commercial properties with Sash Windows, this renovation and restoration process is necessary in prolonging and maintaining their durability. To protect the future of the building the sash window restoration carried out did not compromise the aesthetic look and feel of the building. However, the restoration did make the windows more durable for the future!

Sash Window Restoration Liverpool, Merseyside 

If you are in Liverpool (or anywhere else in the North West) and are looking to restore your sash windows to their former glory or just need some advice then please give us a call on 01772 619787. We can arrange a Free Survey, and our friendly team would be happy to help, whether you're based in Liverpool or elsewhere.