Timber Window Renovation, Manchester

Timber Window Renovation, Manchester

Timber Window Renovation, ManchesterThe client approached us with windows she thought would need replacing but after careful consideration from all the benefits of repairing and renovating it was decided to take that approach.

This window has rot to the sill and mullion. It was in a bad state, in need of a lot of repair.

Timber Window Renovation, ManchesterThis is the window repaired, all rot has been removed. We replaced the sill with a new hardwood sill and spliced the windows with new timber. Returning the window to full working order and original condition.

Sill Damage and Repair

This is another window that had extensive damage to the sill area. Many would believe this is beyond repair but we replaced it with a new hardwood sill and then carried out repairs to the box and sashes, installing draught proofing and fitting new hardware. The customer gave us a glowing report.

Timber Window Renovation, Manchester Timber Window Renovation, Manchester

Client Testimonial

“When I first had my survey with Andrew Moon I thought the only way forward was to replace most of my windows. Andrew took the time to discuss with me my options and the services Sash Windows Northwest Ltd have to offer and I was extremely pleased to realise that my windows could get renovated at a fraction of the cost. Andrews' knowledge of Window Repair was impressive and he gave me complete confidence that renovating instead of replacing at a lower cost but with the same benefits could be achieved.”

“Now the windows have been completed I am amazed with the results. All my windows have been returned to their original condition, they are like new windows!! All the draughts and rattles are gone and now I look out my windows and admire them, knowing they will stand the test of time. Thank you Sash Windows Northwest.”