North West Timber Window Repairs And Restoration

If you have original timber windows in your home that have seen better days, many companies will automatically condemn them at the first sign of rot. This means you could be facing a not only a large bill for expensive replacement windows that may not fit the character of your home. But also, by replacing the timber windows you may also be damaging the value of your property.

Timber Window Restoration

At Sash Windows Northwest we're experts at restoring timber framed windows. We're even able to restore the frames where rot has taken a firm grip of your windows without negatively affecting the look. Using the latest materials combined with exceptional joinery skills, we can undertake timber window repairs that completely remove any rot and replace it with a high-strength repair system or new timber in cases where rot has spread over a wider area.

Our skilled team have perfected the art of timber window restoration and we've carried out timber window repairs on a wide range of properties, saving homeowners a great deal of time, stress and expense. Our timber window repairs are especially popular in houses that fall within conservation areas, enabling you to keep the authentic look and feel of your original windows while banishing the onset of rot. Once our timber window repairs are complete, the damaged areas will match the existing profile completely and last you for many more years to come.

New Double Glazed Timber Windows - Timber and Sash Window Restoration Services

The team at Sash Windows Northwest offer high-quality double-glazed timber windows and doors made new to your individual specifications. Constructed to exceptional standards by skilled craftsmen, we can offer FSC certified redwood or hardwood timber, and back all of our new timber windows with robust warranties. We build quality into each and every window we create and we can accommodate a wide variety of design configurations to suit any property.

Speak to one of our advisors today about timber window repairs for your building, or new double-glazed timber windows for your home. You're guaranteed a premium-quality service with minimal disruption to you and your family.


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